Beware Profithost Lifetime Hosting Scam Review

Profithost has been a huge disappointment and the point is pretty much moot now that the company has rolled up the carpet and absconded with the money they collected from their Profithost subscribers.

Sold by Mike McKay and JVZoo through their affiliates such as Warriorplus, the Profithost service was supposed to be an unlimited hosting account with a one time sign up. They had a $16 offering and then several One Time Offers to add on. I bought the basic $16 Profithost hosting and then added the $32 OTO #1.

And then the Profithost server went down. Profithost Management said it was 'migration' to a better server. The server came back up with disastrous errors and I removed all by two of my domains from the Profithost server. Nothing mission critical should remain on there. Because Profithost server won't remain online. Constantly checking my sites I found them down more of the time than they were up. You can install WordFence or Sucuri on your Profithost site to let you know when the site goes down and comes back up.

Innumberable Profithost server-side flaws kept the sites from being easy to set up, especially SSL issues and database disconnects.

Finally, the Profithost server disappeared from the internet. LeafDNS shows it absolutely 'gone'.

I'm disappointed (and entirely put off of) vendors like Mike McKay, and JVZoo as well as Warriorplus.

My Profithost review suggests that Profithost is a scam.

Doc Johnson