Rescuing American Bullfrogs from the Asian Market With Translator

We went to the Asian Market and they had like, a ZOO of critters and two of them tend to make good pets. American Bullfrogs are pretty amazing. So we saved a couple of them.
We would have saved them all, except there were literally a thousand of them and they were $6.99 a pound!
Bring your own container. And make SURE that you tell them that you are buying them for pets or they'll kill them before you can blink an eye.
There's a link to a little sheet “a translator” you can print out that has “We're buying these for pets please don't kill them” and other useful things you 'just hand the guy', in the article. It's in five languages so no matter what market you're in, you can save a turtle or eel. If you want.
I took some pictures and we turned the frogs out. MAN they were big.

Author: Admin